Boracay Sands RestaurantThe best of all worlds

Traveling is a total experience: the sights, the sounds, the feels, the tastes — they all come together to form memories we will never forget.

At Boracay Sands, we want you to remember all these and more — that’s why we have put together a menu with dishes that will take you to nirvana.

Boracay Sands Café is open from 6am to 10pm. We begin the day with a breakfast buffet until 10am, and serve dishes a la carte in the restaurant or by the pool until closing time.

Whether you’re a first time visitor or a returning guest (Thank you so much for your support!), here are dishes we suggest you try:



The Boracay Sands Adobo is a combination of pork and chicken; simple, tasty, and truly satisfying, especially when combined with steaming hot rice! This is one of the Philippines’ cornerstone dishes — a favorite among local and foreign guests. Always a must try!


Chili Con Carne

The Boracay Sands Chili Con Carne has just the right bite to make your palette heat up, and all the right flavors and textures to make a simple dish an easy favorite. Served on top of crispy fries, it’s the perfect appetizer to any meal or merienda (high tea) pick.


Lechon Kawali

The Boracay Sands Lechon Kawali gives the rich flavor of pan roasted pork cooked to the perfect crunch. It can be taken as a main dish with rice or as the perfect beer match — especially when taken with its accompanying dip. This dish is a meat lover’s delight…so sinfully good!



The Boracay Sands Spaghetti combines the richness of tomato sauce and the zing of pesto sauce, served with our very own home-baked bread. Chef Ricky Iriver specializes in Italian, so come on over and give our Italian selection a try, beginning with this pasta dish kids will especially love.