Boracay SandsRooms and Rates

There is no place like home, and there is no bed like your own. At Boracay Sands, we pride ourselves in rooms that give you the feel of home — spaces so comforting and secure that you are left no choice but to relax, melt into the Boracay vibe, and — at night — sleep like a baby.

presidential suite

 8,000 / night

Boracay Sands has two Presidential Suites. Each suite has a king-size bed, with an even more spacious bathroom and balcony facing the beach, for the exclusivity and privacy that every VIP requires.

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ocean view suite

 6,500 / night

Boracay Sands has 5 Executive Suites. Each suite has one king-size bed, a spacious bathroom, and a balcony facing the beach, complete with loungers.

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Boracay Sands Deluxe Suites

deluxe suite

 4,500 / night

Boracay Sands has 45 Deluxe Suites. Each suite has two twin beds that can be arranged together or apart, making it perfect for friends, families, or couples.

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